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25 thoughts on “Wimbledon Final Federer Murray Highlights HD

  1. It really laugh who still speaks on Federer&Nadal H2H.
    They all pretend not to remember that in Federer prime the majority of
    their match were played on clay (just think of the Paris finals).
    I just wanted to see the best Federer (2004-2007) run up against Rafa in
    unfortunately never actually see it (the Spaniard was always eliminated
    The same people speak on Melbourne but also in this case forget what
    happened in Australia after 2008.. ie the change of surface ( thanks to
    main sponsor….KIA!!!) transforming the Australian open in a cement swamp
    with very high bounce (ideal for Rafa top-spinn).

    To keep alive the interest around the tennis have slowed down all surfaces
    just to make sure that Roger Federer not “destroy” this sport winning
    everything for years and years.
    Just look at their matches indoor and/or fast surface.
    I’d be curious to see their H2H if, for example, they met in Cincinnati,
    Halle, NY..Wimbledon.. Master (the same Melbourne before the change of
    surface in 2008) many times like they met on clay (like Rome and Paris).

    Nonetheless Roger beat Rafa even on clay..
    Rafa to beat Roger indoor have to wait him to do 40 years.
    All this with a player who has a HUGE technical advantage on him ( the
    “famous” Nadal left-hook vs the one-handed bachand by Federer).

    In proof of this just look at Nadal H2H vs tennis players with one-handed
    backhand… who beat Rafa?..not one! (vs Wawrinka in Aus open but Nadal not
    good and vs Gonzales&Blake Nadal was really young) only Roger for now beat
    him many times (sure…not on clay, one time only in Amburg).

    Other evidence???
    Because Davidenko is ahead vs Nadal (8-6…14 match)while against Federer
    won two time only? (19-2)
    Why David Ferrer has never beaten Roger?
    And in this famous rivalry I left out a lot of things of which it is better
    not to talk (until proven guilty).

    PS Almost forgot the most important thing..
    one plays to make the point ..the winners.
    The other one in defense..defense and still defense.. don’t play his game
    just trying to destroy the opponent’s game.

    Not all wins are the same ..
    there are different ways to win.
    Roger and Rafa play same sport but not the same game.

  2. Federer masterclass. I miss those. They don’t happen too often nowadays, if
    ever. In regards to Federer not beating Nadal to win this, first of all,
    he’s only done that twice in his career. Even when Federer is playing well
    or better than Nadal, he doesn’t beat him. Nadal is just an abomination of
    tennis, and so what if Federer can’t beat him? Federer is still a better
    tennis player, and all that is required is to watch them both play. In
    Federer’s defense, I don’t know how you would beat someone who is able to
    rip lefty forehands to you at shoulder height repeatedly. I don’t know hoe
    you would beat someone like that, and apparently no one really can. In my
    opinion, it does not tarnish his legacy.

  3. Something about the reaction of fed when he wins is different. It makes me
    feel like he loves the game more than anyone!

  4. Murray and Djokovic were at their peaks here and Federer is past his prime
    and still beat them both. Says a lot about how good he really was at his
    absolute peak! Almost untouchable to everyone except Nadal on Clay! 

  5. last point was clearly out? Looks like Andy doesn’t want to spoil Roger’s
    celebrations. this question is there for me since 2 years now.

  6. The roof closing clearly helped Federer as it then made it an indoor event
    the match was much closer prior to that as Roger is arguably the best

  7. Absolutely awesome performance by Roger. The firehand drop shot in the
    third set is a moment of godliness – best shot I’ve ever seen on a tennis

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