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25 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova – Wimbledon 2010 Players Party Interview

  1. @adybrindoiu and is this bitch only one who screamed in that way? and the one who suck in fact is you, who has no class at all and come and invade my channel and spread hate in the first place….i could care less about it.. but anyway, act mature, you katy perry obsessed girl/boy/or whatever

  2. @kelvinpyaeko i saw you are a tennis fan. do you think it’s ok the way this bitch screams in the court? probably it’s because he has a dick into his ass! hahaha! and walks that way too. okay, let’s end this here, we gave this bitch in two days more commentaries&views than he had in one fk year (all 3 of them)! this is my last com here whatever you would say, you suck! END

  3. @adybrindoiu oops…limit? more like you have trouble transcending your limited thinking and reading skills…and does it make you also LESS gay to come here and insult maria? (oops, according to your tragic sense)…but isn’t it irony that you yourself is not liking such a hot girl and insulting someone who likes hot chicks like maria? ouch..and by no mean, i am not a pervert..but this all sounds all the more ironic #LOL NEXT

  4. once you found out Katy is my fav and you insulted her, you are the ret, and, more than that, you are gay

  5. @kelvinpyaeko nevermind! i understand i force your understanding limit! i’m right

  6. @adybrindoiu read my last comment’s MARIA….ouch…typo in the other comment, but now READ AGAIN oops

  7. @adybrindoiu nothing about maria? LOL you called her bitch, and made a comment on how you hate her..aint’ that referring to maria? now tell me again who is the real retard? the one who replies to you or the one who don’t even realize what he just wrote OOPS

  8. @kelvinpyaeko go fuck yaself! when i see a retard,i recognize him, and you are one of them

  9. @adybrindoiu hahaha but you are still a fan of another transsexual clown, katy perry, who looks fugly…and when did i say mariah’s beauty and she is smoking hot blah blah? no thanks, go feed your din dong to your fugly perry hahaha…she’d like to suck it oops

  10. @kelvinpyaeko I know another retard, you are just the second. Suck me,both of you, and you’re bitch, Maria Sharapova! Look at the bitch’ legs, is that what you, retards, calling ”hot”? It let my din dong down! LOL! That’s a huge bitch! While Katheryn Elizabeth Brand is PERFECT! She has all the qualities in the world to be the hottest woman of all times! OF ALL TIMES!!!!!

  11. @adybrindoiu but your katy perry looked a lot uglier..that bitch is untalented and can’t even sing lol

  12. Word HOT is not enough for Maria Sharapova………………She deserves a lot more than HOT……………….I think english disctionary will have to create another word to justify her GREATEST HOTNESS……………….She has a natural beauty……………..I think no one can beat her in Beauty.

  13. @jamesjiao yeah you’re completly right but its not fair cause i supported her and support her and i got to meet her once in my whole life and was disappointed.. in my opinion every fan should be inportant to her.. its not my fault she has so many 😛

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