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25 thoughts on “Andy Murray Swearing v Fernando Verdasco Wimbledon 03/07/2013

  1. Gukul rama thank you at least someone knows something about the game,
    people just got a andy Murray hard on

  2. I don’t blame Murray for his anger. He’s a thousand times better than the
    other guy. 

  3. Terrible language he should be disgraced doing that on live TV and there’s
    the british wanting to knight him SIR MURRAY what a load of old bollocks,
    he played shit and deserved to lose got no sympathy for him just a one hit
    wonder all the british press hype for him what a bunch of sad bastard hes a
    useless old JOCK BASTARD 

  4. Well cursing at himself actually did the trick. So wise words there, Andy.
    Well done.

  5. The BBC iplayer have muted this bit and blurred it out so you can’t even
    try to lip read. found it here though, thanks.

  6. You’re a fucking moron. He never once said that. He represented Great
    Britain at the Olympics last year and won a Gold Medal… you blisteringly
    stupid, ill-informed cunthook.

  7. Verdasco should have won a trophy purely for keeping those lustrous locks
    in check for the whole 5 sets! I was focusing more on how it stays up than
    who was winning!?

  8. Already the anti-Murray trolls have crept out of their caves once again to
    tell us how much they think they really know about Andy Murray, producing
    come really constructive arguments…

  9. Stop acting like a brat Murray, time to GROW UP and do it for

  10. Muppets don’t usually win a match after initially being two sets to love

  11. Yeah, it’s like uncanny, a millionaire dreams of winning a grand slam,
    where as young men dream of getting a shit £6.02 job.

  12. He says “Bullshit what are you doing?! The fuck are you doing?”

  13. Guys just imagine the pressure which is upon you for a Brit at wimbledon,
    on top of the fact he just missed a easy backhand to go to sets to love
    down. It’s tough

  14. An angry player is an entertaining one like federer never swears or has had
    a temper

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