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25 thoughts on “Wimbledon Final 2012 (HD) – Roger Federer VS Andy Murray

  1. I wouldn’t say Federer gave it to Murray 🙂 Of course, Federer was not playing his best then, but I dont think Federer would have let pass the opportunity to get a Career Grand Slam! but, agreed, Murray deserved olympic gold 😀

  2. OK, those stats that were shown for each player during warm-up were comprehensive and awesome, and the way they came onto the screen was cool. Hey, ESPN, try stealing that from The Beeb.

  3. Well, yeah, it was more difficult technically to play that carving dropper; was delicious! But I said that given the context of the second set…Murray was so close to pull off to a two-set lead..Roger the grasshopper!

  4. Like in the 2009 Wimbledon Final, as well as in this one, the same voice shouted out, “I love you Roger!” On both occasions, it occured in the second game of the first set, funny and ironic.

  5. Too bad Murray never had the chance to beat Federer at the USO.

    It now looks like losing the Wimbledon final was the making of Andy Murray 2.0. Olympic and US Open champ and hopefully he can build on this in 2013.

  6. I share your skepticism but having watched the match against Del Potro in the semis I don’t think I’ve never seen Federer so emotionally and physically spent in the immediate aftermath of a match. I wondered whether he would have anything left and watching the match is suspected that they combination of This win and the pressure of getting the gold may have caught up with him. On the flip side, Djokovic’s loss to both Murray and Del Potro was equally baffling.

  7. You mean huge bets placed from Russia or China and Fed to take a slice of it? It’ not like he needs the money! Nice theory but I want a bit more meat on the bone from you to back it up.

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