Billie Jean King Was Joined By Serena Williams In Equal Pay Push

In 2005 finally, a day before Serena Williams addressed a meeting with the Grand Slam Board to offer an equal pay to both male and female players urging both Wimbledon and French open.

Williams said “Both male and female players have the same heart beats and when you close your eyes you don’t know who is next either a woman or man. And also asked to think how your daughters, wives and sisters feel for not to be equally treated? Sometimes come when we lose track and we start getting bias and we don’t realize our own prejudice. So we have to confront ourselves not to get bias.” She won her seven major singles championships in following afternoon and after 1 1/2 years later Wimbledon announced that we offer the same prize money for men and women in all the rounds of the tournament and French Open will follow the same by eliminating this four major gap.
Now Serena is raising her voice for equal pay. Recently, two current tennis players have joined the advisory board formed by former player and for equal play Tuesday’s time was announced which approximately tell how far woman earn like man made by Dec 31st previous. King in a telephonic interview said “She was amazing and she helped us to get the equal prize money and because of her Wimbledon really take a good step. They always encourage to step up. Venus and Serena both are transcended sports and for them to get equal pay for work and that to from across the board.”

Williams said “We always put hands for Billie. She has a tremendous history not just for Women’s tennis, but for the people to lead their rights, no matter who they are.”

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