Djokovic Remains Optimistic

Despite being beaten by Rafael Nadal in the final of the French Open twice in the last 3 years, Novak Djokovic has not given up. He is still pretty optimistic that he will have his day at Roland Garros at some point of time in future.

Djokovic who has won a total of 6 Grand Slams so far could have completed his career Grand Slam if he had got better of Nadal the other day, but, he couldn’t do so and that affected him so much that he was seen having teary eyes in the presentation ceremony.

Djokovic had actually got off to a pretty good start against Nadal as he had sealed the opening set by a profound margin of 6-3, but, from the second set onwards, he just didn’t seem to be the same player. He looked weary and kept playing in the hands of Nadal.

The nature of the weather at Roland Garros must have created problems for Djokovic. It was extremely hot out there and the Serbian superstar has never been comfortable against the heat, but, whatever the conditions would have been, he was not supposed to be taken apart in this manner. He should have played better than this and should have, at least, taken the match to the decider.

Djokovic knows that he couldn’t do justice to his potential. The statements that he made at the end of the match suggested that.

The World no. 2 said, “I was far from being at my best and that’s disappointing. You want to play well on days like these, but, there is no point getting demoralized. I have had such kind of experience in the past as well and I know how to put it behind.”

Out of the six grand slams that Djokovic has won, four have been the Australian Open titles.

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