No marriage ties for Anna Kournikova yet

Difference of opinion and conflicting emotions are the two considerations of Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias as both have not denied yet both have something different to speak on the issue of marriage.

Enrique himself feels that getting married to Anna will not make him any happier but on the flip side he does not clearly denies it altogether. Later in an interview he rectified his comments on the marriage part. For him his personal life is private which he likes to keep it like that. As per the reporters it was he who made his personal life personal by stating that he has no intention of marrying Anna to which Enrique defensively replied that his situation will be the same even if he gets married. Since according to him she makes him happy and is the coolest girl.

Anna met Enrique years back when he came out with his album ‘Escape’ and both feel that marriage is just another step but that cannot make them any more happier than they are now. Both have the same opinion but it was a contradiction on Enrique’s part that made the headlines regarding him not marrying Anna.  According to reports and from Enrique’s statement it is clear that Anna has not met Enrique’s father Julio Igleias yet as Enrique himself does not see or talk to his father much.

It is clearly the connection or the vibe that is going around for both Anna and Enrique and are enjoying each other’s company for a really long time but both do not see marriage as the next option or the next step to take their relationship to. They seem happy with their current status as stated by Enrique as Anna hardly gives any comments about her personal life.

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Djokovic Remains Optimistic

Despite being beaten by Rafael Nadal in the final of the French Open twice in the last 3 years, Novak Djokovic has not given up. He is still pretty optimistic that he will have his day at Roland Garros at some point of time in future.

Djokovic who has won a total of 6 Grand Slams so far could have completed his career Grand Slam if he had got better of Nadal the other day, but, he couldn’t do so and that affected him so much that he was seen having teary eyes in the presentation ceremony.

Djokovic had actually got off to a pretty good start against Nadal as he had sealed the opening set by a profound margin of 6-3, but, from the second set onwards, he just didn’t seem to be the same player. He looked weary and kept playing in the hands of Nadal.

The nature of the weather at Roland Garros must have created problems for Djokovic. It was extremely hot out there and the Serbian superstar has never been comfortable against the heat, but, whatever the conditions would have been, he was not supposed to be taken apart in this manner. He should have played better than this and should have, at least, taken the match to the decider.

Djokovic knows that he couldn’t do justice to his potential. The statements that he made at the end of the match suggested that.

The World no. 2 said, “I was far from being at my best and that’s disappointing. You want to play well on days like these, but, there is no point getting demoralized. I have had such kind of experience in the past as well and I know how to put it behind.”

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Serena Williams is all set to make a thumping comeback to the tennis arena. She would take on Yaroslava Shvedova of Kazakhstan in the second round of the Miami Masters Tennis Tournament tomorrow.

Serena has lifted the trophy 6 times in Miami which suggest how much she loves this place. She has rarely put up a poor show here.

When asked about the upcoming tournament, the world no. 1 said, “I have got a lot of fans over here and I would like to put up some good performances for them. It’s a great venue. I feel wonderful coming here.”

This season hasn’t been a great one for Serena till now. Barring the Brisbane International Tennis Tournament in which she went all the way, she has been pretty average. Her fitness also has a lot to do with that.

But, now, she seems to be 100% ready to rule again.

When asked about the situation of her back, the American superstar said, “I have received treatments on it in the last couple of weeks and right now, it’s not bothering me.”

In the recent times, Serena has started being considered as one of the greatest who have ever played the game of tennis and thus, the expectations from her have increased. But, according to her, she doesn’t find herself under any extra pressure because of those expectations.

When asked about the expectations, Serena said, “The pressure is certainly there. If I win, it’s not big news, but, if I get defeated even once, it becomes a big story, but, I have learnt to deal with it. It will always be like this until I keep playing. So, it’s better not to think about it that much.”

Serena has lifted more than 50 singles trophies in her career.