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24 thoughts on “Roger Federer vs Andy Murray Highlights Federer wins Second Set Wimbledon Finals 2012 08 07 2012

  1. Why the fuck are people talking about religion and Obama on a tennis video? 

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA wow! 3 comments! I don’t have this amount of time to spend here writing to a wall… sorry, but I didn’t read more than 10 words that you wrote… Boooring.

  3. the more you speak. I don’t lose anything. You would have everything to win in starting to listen to people who have something to say, go to the library, discovering human sciences, etc.
    (R U an american christian, a mormon or… better, a scientologist ? Those should create death camps for themselves, or do as some sect members do, kill yourself, what a relief it would be :).

  4. I was here to tell why i do think Nadal is the best player. I won’t repeat my arguments, you’re too stupid, like other morons here, repeatedly saying that it’s unacceptable to think that (no matter or not you’ve watche tennis for 2 or 3 years or more than 15 like me, no matter your literate level :P).
    Do understand that one can think differently of you ? Did you read philosophy ? How many books do you read a week, tell me. One big problem with humanity is that the more you’re dumb the more

  5. Oh, another dogmatic dude (are you an American that believes Obama is musulman ? or that dinosaurs are sci-fi ?), well buy a dog or a big polluting car as people do to gain confidence 😉 Or better, read, get instructed. My all point is that it’s a relative matter of taste and that there is no absolute best player. That you have to be a moron (the filth of humanity) to challenge that, deciding (for instance) Federer is the best player of all time. Hang yourself Bruno.

  6. Hoo! Looks like we have god here! He can judge people! In my comment, I didn’t offended you or anything. Grow up? Why don’t you grow up yourself first? Can’t stand, try some milk! You cry, you lose.. Tell me: Nadal with 31 could beat a Federer with 26? I really don’t think so.. Where’s your best player ever in these last 2 months? Maybe he have a chance on USOpen this year.. Oh, I forgot. He won’t play this tournment too. Really matters that he won his 1st slam younger if he have an early retire

  7. Nadal’s the king on clay…Fed’s best on hard and grass courts. Checking out face-to-faces between the 2 men Nadal wins. You need to reckon he’s kinda legend too. However, Roger’s best tennis player ever to me, like many tennis fans obviously

  8. Glad to see him back on top…he’s the man.
    Can’t wait for the US Open

  9. Not a tennis fan but dosen’t Nadal own Federer in head to head competition.

  10. Federer vs Murray! DREAM MATCHUP! Both players are class players and both have a lot to play for. If Roger wins, he will achieve perfection. If Murray wins, he’ll win a gold medal for the country that has rooted for him for ages now. And he’ll have done it by dethrowning the King of Grass, and the greatest tennis player of all time.

    Doesn’t get much better than this folks. GAME ON!

    p.s: I’ll be rooting for Federer, but i hope to see some great tennis.

  11. Rematch indeed but best of 3 this time. What doesn’t change is that your Murray is going to be crying again right alongside his mommy.

  12. The debate was over when Federer won the FO for all intents and purposes. This GS just proved a ton of people wrong.

  13. Injury? All the players have an injury and a sick slump. Roger is also afflicted for years by the injury of the back. Roger is a 31-year-old old player immediately. Moreover, he became a slump from sick influence repeatedly. All the players are in pain. Why is only Nadal’s excuse justified? All are self-responsibility. Nadal’s fan’s blindness and fanaticism are crazy as usual

  14. M8, i have nothing against Federer, but Nadal was injured, not in prime condition. Get the facts before comment please.

  15. Murray can win djokovic or nadal for his first slam- we fed fans couldnt take it

  16. I think this is where Murray lost his chance, he had two chances to break and serve for 2-0 sets. After that and the roof closed it was all over!

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