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25 thoughts on “Jerzy Janowicz – Andy Murray – Wimbledon 2013 [HD]

  1. ok so what do we think whos go ing to make 4he break through first Jeezy
    janowicy or Milos Raonic

  2. murray won people . get over it . hes champion and deservedly so. no matter
    what you say , no matter how you try worm your way out of it ….it
    happened. now go back under your bridge and cry . hahahahahahha. so happy .

  3. Yea, but we (Poland) was great force of this tournament, We had two players
    in QuaterFinal like Spain. We used the opportunity, while others don’t, so
    keep this respect.

  4. got to agree with yazoo big serve thats it and wen hes not hitting it he
    gets nowhere

  5. Janowicz didn’t crack under pressure, he couldn’t cope with the tiredness
    he was getting, so he basically asked for a fucking 20 minute rest when he
    complained about the roof. It was also an attempt to sabotage Murray’s
    momentum and good form he had built up through the latest set.

  6. Janowicz’s aggression? Look at scotch how he curses and acts like peevish
    psycho. Murray was lucky that Janowicz didn’t play his tennis. He had no
    1st service wich is his big weapon. Besides he made more double faults in
    this match than in a whole tournament. Don’t forget Murray lost with
    Janoiwcz in Paris last year so we will see in 2-3 years who is better
    tennis player.

  7. I mean that Jerzy is more popular since last year,not that he`s more famous
    that Andy-it sounds ridiculous. I`m sorry if I`m not correct with English
    and someone may not understand what I ment

  8. Ok, but I did actually mention tiredness as well as trying to break
    Murray’s momentum, so that is definitely a factor. Also, you could see him
    trying to be more forceful about closing the roof once Murray had gained

  9. @Moss Quito Verdasco choked mate , he was missing serves , easy shots ,
    Murray was only hitting them back and being passive . How is telling the
    truth hating ? I’m not a professional tennis player so Murrays achievement
    don’t mean shit to me , i’ve actually earned my success in what i’ve done ,
    all 3 of Murrays were gifted to him and you know it , and fyi , my misses
    isn’t with me for the money like Murrays is ,so Game Set Match ME 😀

  10. You’re obviously a tennis fan Etienne Bin, but you must agree that Jerzy
    crumbled, no? He was out-classed, beaten by a better player. No doubt he’s
    one to watch in the future but he will need to control himself. Why was he
    so upset about the roof in the Murray match?

  11. @Billy, sadly Matt is indeed an idiot. Clearly the majority of people on
    this page agree. I think he likes Janowicz… in that way.

  12. Night blindness is what you get when u use your right hand too much. Seems
    to be a problem with you toad in the holes…Well done super Andy. Fuck you

  13. Lol what fucking stats exactly are you talking about ,Janowicz won nothing
    in comparison to these guys and he had an easier draw that helped him
    tremendously in this tournament especially that Cubot quarter final,until
    this guy wins some big tournaments( wich i highly doubt ) you can bring his
    “usual stats”and make it an arguement of why he loses matches he should’nt
    win in the first place .

  14. @Allen Bruce His only 22 years old and this was his first GS semi final not
    too mention he was up against Murray in Murrays backyard , give the kid a
    break . His in-experience in tight matches was shown , he won the 1st set
    then he got broken first game of the 2nd , never broke inthe 2nd although
    he had BP’s then was allover the place after dropping the 4-1 lead in the
    3rd , he’ll learn and get better , altough when it’s dark , you ask for the
    roof to be closed , unless you like playing in dark.

  15. You can’t even spell and you have the nerve to call someone else a moron?

  16. 8 min in all i see murray serving. i wanted to see the big sever(jerzy)

  17. Jerzy was complaining about the roof even before Murray started to build
    momentum. Clearly he was cracking under pressure. The physical and mental
    fatigue was getting to him. He thought the closed roof would play to his
    advantage, but they closed it a set too late.

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