Roger Federer falls in category of greatest Players

A lot of people play sports and gain success, but, there are only few of them who manage to feel invincible at certain stages of their career and they are called legends.

Needless to say that Roger Federer falls in that same category when it comes to lawn tennis.

There has hardly been anyone in the game who has been as dominant as Federer over so many years and he is going fairly strong even today, the Swiss.

Federer has had quite a few seasons in his career when he has smashed almost every opponent that has come his way, but, out of all, 2006 was the most successful

According to Federer, he had such a great hold over his game that season that he never felt as if someone was going to beat him at any point.

Federer ended 2006 with a 75% title winning record which was absolutely incredible. He had taken part in 16 tournaments and had walked out as champion in 12 of them.

Speaking in his latest interview to a website, Federer, who is still in top 5 players in the world, said, “2006 was quite special. I was so confident right through that year, it was sort of impossible for me to end on the losing side. There was an invincible feeing. It was a great situation to be in.”

When asked at which point in his career so far he felt the most satisfied as a player, Federer said, “When I got to the top of the world rankings. It was the accomplishment of a childhood desire and thus, it gave me enormous joy. However, it is quite hard to stay there at the top for long. You have to keep matching your standards time and again.”

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