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25 thoughts on “Andy Murray and the British Crowd

  1. @Ratingisfunful I’m not talking about his (hum … inexistant) skills in the game. I’m talking about what a terrible player it is, by opposition to a lot of players (such as Nadal, Tsonga) who are extremely fair players. That’s why I hate him. (And btw, he’s bad at tennis too)

  2. @cdn19940804 Yeah he’s terrible! Imagine a player getting to a top ranking of 2 in the world and a consistent ranking of 4! Terrible! Just terrible!!

  3. @BurnzyHF1 dude theres no need to get stressed im supporting murray because he speaks the same language as i do and because hes an amazing player. By the way i didnt actually call him british i just want him to win cos hes the nearest thing to a decent player in tennis the united kingdom has. 🙂 not trying to hurt ur feelings or anything sorry if i did 😀

  4. @ugotpked09 shut up man, england was in the world cup so why are u gonna support a scot for the tennis?? your just another english wank tryin to steal scotlands glory by calling it “british” id like to see u support scotland when they play football…. typical wanker go fuck urself

  5. @Rafathaman94 You’re trying to upset me, right? Well tough haha, I knew he was gonna come out sooner or later, i highly doubt he was gonna win the French, he was either gonna come out this round or next round. If you support someone like Nadal or arrogant Federer you dont have to actually think about any of the other rounds apart from the final, I’d rather support someone who actually has to work to the finals instead of grunt there way to the final!

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