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3 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova Vs Ai Sugiyama Wimbledon 2007 Highlights

  1. @alanleandro17 I can actually recall this match very well as its the
    wimbledon i got into tennis. Basically is had started to ”rain” in the
    final game and at the end Sugiyama kept pleaded with the umpire ”please
    she can’t win, its raining, its raining” over and over. She basically
    wanted the final game to be replayed after a rain delay.

  2. @alanleandro17 while maria was serving for the match at 40-15, a linesman
    called out the wrong long ball and the point was replayed. And sugiyama was
    then demanding the umpire to stop the play since a light rain started
    falling in the final game. The match was continued so I think sugi was just
    complaining about it in the end.

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