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25 thoughts on “ True HD

  1. +mz4ever123

    well you gotta remember in 2013 Wimbledon Final Djoker had an epic 5 setter
    vs Del Potro in the Semis not take away anything from Murray who was great
    the whole tournament but you gotta think that the 5 setter probably take
    some energy out of him. 

  2. hahahh theres a guy wearing a federer hat in murray’s box..he mustve gotten
    confused lmfao 

  3. Deal with it tim72184. It’s called football and you know it. The British
    play rugby, you know, the man’s version of NFL. Your baseball-dominated
    country couldn’t handle anything as brutal and dangerous, and it doesn’t.

    The British aren’t part of continental Europe, you don’t even know what
    country you’re blabbering on about.

    Everyone in your country “gives a fuck” what any or our leaders or “royals”
    do, or even had for breakfast. Not to mention the British have better
    personal and oral hygiene than Americans; that’s proven and unarguable.

    British TV is better, since you watch and copy all of it. You know; the
    Office, Top Gear, American Idol and a dozen other British TV shows tens of
    millions of Americans watch.

    Don’t be bitter.

  4. True HD, yes. But no mention of the annoying text in the middle of the
    screen? you should be ashamed even uploading this……

  5. “Murray is a classy guy but Britain is a bunch of classless incompetent
    turds and wanna be Americans. ”

    So the former British colonials, who speak British, act British, dress as
    the British, are “wannabe’d” by the British?

    The people who copy the British in every way from sports, language,
    clothing and music are the Americans, ie wanna be Brits.

  6. “Shut the hell up before your country gets raped in another world war and
    needs saving from us Americans again.”

    The British Empire won WW1 and WW2 though, and saved America from any
    potential Nazi invasion in 1940. You can thank for the RAF for that.

    You joined in 1943 in North Africa and got raped, needing to be saved by
    the British, again.

  7. He’s clearly British in everyone’s’ eyes when he either wins or loses
    Toledo you fuckwit, it is after all an undisputed geo-political fact.

  8. ” I couldn’t name a British sitcom if you held a gun to my head.”

    Their accepted unanimously as better than your own, what does a 29 year old
    redneck failure have to do with it?

  9. I guess you have no answer but a silly little dig about world wars, very
    childish LoL. It’s stupid twits like you who make so many people hate

  10. Haha ok “almost everything.” You sure got me there. Is “plonker” supposed
    to have some particular meaning for me? Cause to the entire western world,
    that word just outs you as one more goofy, poorly showered, orthodontically
    challenged Brit. And no, I’m definitely not the only one who can’t name a
    British sitcom, because no one west of Ireland gives a fuck what you people
    do. If your stuff was so good, we’d have it. Go have tea and watch your
    greasy soccer wimps cry and fake injuries.

  11. You’ve just proved to yourself that you really are a stupid plonker cos WE
    invented it and called it football and so does the whole world but you
    still insist on calling it soccer LoL and on the contrary, it’s only little
    sissies like you who don’t like football cos you don’t have a clue. What a
    joker LoL.

  12. Man, Federer is just simply pure grace and magnificent at tennis. Its
    impossible to hate on the guy, no disrespect to Murray he fought valiantly
    all match.

  13. Boris Becker commentates like a guy who keeps finding ripped up pieces of
    his cue cards scattered around the booth.

  14. What rubbish, Andy is better than Djoko on grass, Novak could play 150% and
    still get beaten you twat

  15. That water mark in the middle kills this HD experience of brilliance…

  16. all of you, motherfuckers assuring that Murray is a faggot, where are you
    now, fellas ??

  17. if djokovic plays 100 % he has no chance,same with federer or
    Nadal.Moreover someone can be a quality tennis palyer and a faggot at the
    same time.

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