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25 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova wins her first Grand Slam (Wimbledon 2004)

  1. @estagonandfire No, Serena did not let Maria win. If you watch the match, Maria totally outmaneuvered Serena. She played the game to perfection, of course, she was young, got nothing to lose at that time. I think Serena might have underestimated Maria’s strengh & capability. Of course, everything I’ve said here is just my own opinion. This is the match that opened Maria to the tennis world!

  2. @Jayz0288 Somehow Ive got the feeling when i look at Serena’s face that she let maria win aswell, I know I would consider doing it were I in her position anyway.

  3. 1:02 “Hey, can I go into that crowd you’re supposed to be guarding me from?”
    “Yeah sure, go ahead.”

  4. Omg es tan buena… lastima que perdiera el Wimbledon 2011 pero va a estar excelente en el US open!

  5. @Knightoftheorient even some of he past and present great players have won wimbledon and it was a while before than won it again and so maria has plenty of time to win it again but at least so far she has won it once as some unfortunately even good players have not won

  6. @Arkinko1 She was 17 I know this cause she is the 2nd youngest women’s Wimbledon champion after Martina Hingis who won it at 16, and cause she’s the same age as me she’s 24 now and this was 7 years ago so if u can do your maths! LOL 🙂 Dosnt seem like 7 yrs though, barely seems like 2 yrs ago time goes so quick its spooky!

  7. this was an amazing match for maria- I mean she was only 17 years old and she beat serena williams!

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