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22 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova vs Sabine Lisicki.Semi final Wimbledon 2011 Highlights HQ

  1. @RuthlessFerocity yes you are right but anyway I want to fuck her…I want her to suck my cock

  2. @Mkrtich25
    Sharapova’s screams are plain orgasmic — like a pornstar’s moaning meant to distract

  3. @RuthlessFerocity Thank you. If I were to discuss it with you, would you be my coach? πŸ™‚

  4. @KevinKinsellaxx
    Kvitova’s strokes are better, they are flat-er, more instinctual, hit in a smashlike fashion, that’s why they are riskier. They rob the opponents of time.Kvitova strokes are actually similar to Sharapova’s

    While Lisicki’s strokes are topspin, safe, high percentage — but predictable & high bounce also, giving time for an opponent to set up and to launch an offensive shot. Any high-bouncing or floating shot is always vulnerable to attack. Common sense to all who can play tennis

  5. @Yehoogame I agree with you on one thing which you know is shes better but not hotter πŸ˜›

  6. You’ve gotta give credit to Sharapova guys. After many double faults and errors she still played her very best baseline tennis, against which Lisicki can’t compete yet. 1:15 is the best example of that.

  7. @GreenLanternDude18
    Sharapova is BETTER and HOTTER ! You can’t deny that. πŸ˜›

  8. Both amazing, but I really hoped Lisicki would make something off of her impressive run this year.

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