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25 thoughts on “Andy Murray Trick Shot Vs Ivan Ljubicic at Wimbledon 2011

  1. @atalayapark federer himself has been pulling off quite a few famous tweener´s as well:)

  2. @extradutyfelt1 haha yeah I know, actually I did it on court today at training. Should have seen the look on my friends face! hehe 🙂

  3. @atalayapark he just improvised, it takes skill and talent to pull shot like that off..federer did a similar one on henman at the us open´s not a disrespectfull thing to do.

  4. He’s got a fucking nerve to do that. Watched the whole match and 2 times is taking the piss. Anyway, Nadal showed him where to go

  5. @dellcamwall So the master of trick shots Mansour Bahrami isn’t allowed to do trick shots either because he hasn’t got ‘a few slams’?

  6. Looks like a replay from his shot against Tsonga but they magically replaced Tsonga for Ljubicic.

  7. the commentators and presenter on bbc keep going on about the ‘fab four’, murray is good but not great as the top three – he’s never won a slam. once he wins 3 or 4 then we can see, only then. whenever that is, of course.

  8. what a prick, he has no reason to do this, not slick enough in the slightest aswell to pull it off, maybe when he has a few slams but not yet……

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