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22 thoughts on “Murray, Sharapova and Djokovic on the Wimbledon practice courts

  1. 1. Tennis is my life. I don’t ‘hate’ any tennis players, in my eyes they are all talented and amazing.
    2. I am dreaming of becoming a professional and I practice day in and day out but after a long hard day of practice I come home and make tennis videos
    3. I make highlights of all Tennis Players, mainly featuring top seeds.
    4. I have made two videos so far one being on the amazing points of Roger Federer
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  2. i both like them dude i just want somebody to reply back to me … hahah peace its been a while since peez rep to me so yeah

  3. So Celebs are being invited into the royal box instead of minor royals/Dips etc? Pippa who?

  4. Quick tip: I don’t know if the white box around the Wimbledon logo is done deliberately. But if you export the logo as a .PNG file you should be able to overlay it on top of the video without having that white box outline! Otherwise can’t wait for Wimbledon !!

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