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25 thoughts on “Andy Murray defeats Jo-Wilfried Tsonga to advance to his first Wimbledon final

  1. he won the us open .you were proved wrong . i suppose he only won it because federer was knocked out early , and sick note nadal was injured.

  2. Are the angry back and forth comments between scots and brits?  Is there a rivalry between the two that goes back hundreds of years? Im an american and am not familiar with the history of european rivalries and envies. It reminds me of the rivalries between the northerners and southerners in the U.S.

  3. Listen fuck wit i made a general comment,if you chose to relpy in an offensive manner then you are going to get an equally offensive reply back,so i think you ll find your the ignorant one,now fuck off you retard.

  4. Maybe you should read the article where Tim Henman explains the reason for that remark. It was made in response to a question Tim jokinlgy asked Andy about supporting the Scottih football team in the competition.

  5. Almost as ‘typical’ and ‘cliched’ as your immediate victim complex mentality about the whole thing. Before you start lumping us in with our moronic media, we’re the ones who have to put up with the bunch of jokers.
    You are even managing to make a negative issue out of a Scottish sportsman getting some widespread support. Its almost as if you want everything you are making up to be true. You want him to lose so you can cry more about the big bad English. Behave.

  6. full of blokes wearing skirts!? haha. fucksake mate you really dont get out much do you. its muppets like you that give the english a bad name. your kind are despised all over the world because of fannys like you. your also getting involved in a conversation thats fuck all to do with you. i suppose you think your hard hiding behind your laptop screen. fukn pussy! ps your football team is as shite as your tennis players. lol

  7. “I was routing for Tsonga all the way, at least he smiles and laughs occasionally.”

    So what was Murray doing at 0:24???

    Honestly..the Murray haters will say anything, even if its not true…most of the haters are not real fans of the sport and probably dont even watch Murray play.

  8. I sincerely doubt it. It’s common knowledge that the vast, vast majority of Scots will never support England in any competition. I certainly don’t and I never will. I’m frankly confused as to why England continue to back Murray.

    But we all know that if he wins today, he’ll be British. If he loses, he’ll go back to being called Scottish. Typical English media.

    It’s getting rather cliched now.

  9. If Andy wins, I think it would be a fitting honour for Andy if we English adopted him as our own – a true Englishman with full English nationality and citizenship. I think he’d appreciate that. Obviously, if he loses, he can stay Scottish.

  10. The pressure Andy Murray must be feeling right now. The entire weight of his country on his shoulders as he prepares for the final with Federer. Everybody will be watching this….if he wins…..oh my god…Britain will erupt and Scotland will be dancing in the streets

    I hope he wins….Britain deserves a champion in the greatest tennis tournament in the world

  11. I literally had a headache watching this match it was that stressful, but it was worth it!! So glad to see him in the final with Federer!

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