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24 thoughts on “【HD】Kvitova vs Sharapova Highlights (Wimbledon 2011)

  1. I think that Petra is for sure the best player now. Azarenka and Sharapova have big problems with her agressive play. They are also great hitters but Kvitova is simply better. What a shame she lost with Masha in AO. I think that she had a big chance to defeated Azarenka and win the title. But never mind!

  2. @fencer11793 If u watched the full match, she hit alot of long balls. She played pretty crap that day. Cant remember if it was entirely her fault or Kvitova was just too good forcing her to make those errors.

  3. Maria in my opinion did not play aggressive enough here. She kept hitting the ball back up the middle to Petra and without any real depth like she normally hits. She let Petra dictate which was her downfall.

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