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24 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova Fires Back at Serena Williams

  1. Maria Sharapova is just BITTER that she has gotten her flat ass D E S T R O
    Y E D & straight up embaressed for TEN LONG YEARS STRAIGHT by the GOAT Miss
    Serena Williams
    KEEP CRYING B!!! because you”ll keep losing

  2. I’ll honest, as much as I like Sharapova, it would be extremely difficult
    for her to beat Williams, I mean Serena could easily play with men, she’s
    so muscular, she’s could probably win with Andy Murray or Del Potro! lol

  3. Not only does Serena stomp, drag and embarrass you on court 10 years
    straight but she talks shit about you too in the public media and you still
    can’t do anything about it Lmao… Poor Maria. That’s sad that this girl
    can talk about you and you still lose to her on court lmao

  4. Yea bitch, and you need to focus on that LOSING record you have against
    Serena in GS events and in general. Every single time she plays against the
    QUEEN, she gets her ass DUSTED in straight sets. AND the ONLY reason why
    Sharapova won the French this year is because she had no competition.
    Serena got knocked out earlier than usual. But trust and believe if Serena
    would have made it to the finals, the match would have been over in an
    hour. 6-0 6-1 Serena. Sharapova is overrated and she has a long way to go
    before she reaches Serena’s status. Serena is tennis royalty! Moving

  5. Though Serena never mentioned Maria’s actual name during this alleged
    “private conversation”, it’s clear that Maria was very sure Serena was
    talking about her, and she got butthurt about it,but Maria’s response was
    so unprofessional. Why couldn’t she go directly to Serena to confront her,
    instead of trashing her to the press? Both Serena and Maria are adults and
    it’s up to them to say what they feel but as professional athletes
    constantly in the public eye both should’ve known better to be careful
    about the things they say as they can be totally misconstrued by the press,
    and they ought to know the press are vultures that will twist a story just
    to sell it! As a result both of them are equally wrong and childish in the
    entire situation I personally feel! If Maria had gone to Serena privately
    instead of talking trash publicly this never would’ve become such a soap
    opera. Whatever happened to adults handling situations like adults instead
    of like catty teenagers in high school?! Ugh 

  6. So pressed and bitter that CHOKA told on herself. Serena NEVER said her
    name, that was the unprofessional reporter’s ASSUMPTION, but she pretty
    much could have been talking about Wozi or any one else.

    And that is why she will continued to ONLY be relevant when Queen is not at

    Stay mad HO. We know you like chicks any damn way. #comeoutthatcloset2014

  7. come on, maria. just say what everybody in tennis knows but won’t dare say
    in public: Serena Williams is a MAN!

  8. Some say Maria is overrated. Yet she’s won every slam & the french again
    this yr. True her record isn’t good against Williams, But Maria is hardly
    overrated . Someone commented that Maria won because she didn’t have
    competition. She can only play who’s in front of her .The same competition
    Williams faced . 

  9. Serena Williams has won 60 singles titles. If she could win 107 more than
    she already has, she would just equal Navratilova. Steffi Graf still needs
    to win 60 more titles to match Navratilova. It’s not even a tiny bit close.
    Only Chris Evert was close at 154 career wins to Navratilova’s 167.
    Margaret Court had the most Grand Slams. Serena is good. Very Very good.
    Just not the best.

  10. I love Maria and Serena both but I agree with Maria about what Serena said,
    and I love her passive-aggressive dig she got in there. 

  11. Serena never said her name, and it was behind closed doors. This was a
    press conference and so unprofessional of Maria to actually say her name
    and tell alleged specifics about her life. Maria was just mad because
    Serena dated Dimitrov before she did. BOOM!

  12. So tired of hearing people saying that you are only hating on Serena
    because you are racist. The fact is that she is being hated on because she
    deserves it for her classless actions and not because of her skin color.
    You can’t see and hear the things she does and says and then have any case
    on if she is a mega-bitch, classless, spoiled, narcissistic piece of trash
    or not. She hits balls really fast for a woman. Woo hoo!

  13. Gosssip gossip gossip. In the video and in the comments. Why do people,
    celebrities included, feel the need to pry into other’s personal lives and
    then talk about it? Why do people in the comments feel the need to go
    rabid? Hey, let’s insult others on their hair and the size of their asses!
    “You’re ugly, you’re a faggot!” Apparently the middle schooler in us never
    dies, and we find ourselves incapable of having meaningful discussions.

  14. Serena is powerful but if u move her about the court she’s easy beatable.
    ..She is to heavy..!

  15. So pathetically sad, that the media is constantly inflating & expanding
    Maria’s (non-existing) skills … that they so greatly want to see her with
    .. and she (try as she might), keeps disappointing them time and time
    again. They are running out of words and spins to pump her losses &
    failures up with!!! What’s even sadder is … they think (we) the public
    don’t (crystal-clear) get it!!!! Come on guys … knock it off!!!!!!!

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