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18 thoughts on “Nadal vs Murray-SF-Highlights Wimbledon 2011 [HD]

  1. wtf happened to nadal’s service motion it looked a lot more fluent in 2010.. i don’t understand why he just keeps changing it 

  2. murray showed he is capable of playing at a top level after that first set, its all mental, which is something he can fix. Nadal was still too tough that day though.

  3. @Rafatheman94 u are right with your first commentar but I don’t really think he is miles away from Nadal on this court. Maybe on clay.. but if Murray wouldn’t miss this Forehand he would had a very high chance to win against Nadal!

  4. In my opinion, Murray got raped. Just look at the monstrous gets Rafa made throughout after that 1st set. Not much you can do when his legs fire on all cylinders like that.

  5. Rafa estaba en ‘cruise control’ y cuando juega asi,no hay quien le tose.Suerte para manana! Rafa was on cruise control and when he plays like that no-one can get anywhere near him.Good luck for tomorrow!

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