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15 thoughts on “Maria Sharapova vs. Venus Williams – Wimbledon 07 – 9/10

  1. @kimeek16 – Well No. Many African American women are built differently; to them age 35 is like 27. Watch how long Serena and Venus will win and play.

  2. @hiu1787Just a true thought!… Just imagine if you consistently betted on sports, would you want the same player to win or lose all the time? Gambling has entered sports and it’s a shame because we may never see exactly how great players really are. I question their sisters death. So i don’t want them to win them all. I question MJ dad’s death and gambling..Bill Cosby’s son..So many……………………sad but true.

  3. @Impulsensx YEP SHE GAVE IT TO KIM…I HEARD THEY HAVE HOUSES AND US OPEN IS KIMS. But 2011 will be a different story as Serena will be seeded number 1 with her protected entry.

  4. @Impulsensx Give Venus a break. She is 30 years old, and it’s hard to maintain a high level of play and not have lapses of concentration at that age.

  5. @hiu1787 Same for me, was downright sickening to watch her gift wrap the entire championship for Clijsters because that was the de facto final. I wanted to shake her and say “snap out of it and get your sh*t back together!” That was the closest she’s come to winning a major since Wimbledon ’09 except this time there was no Serena in sight. Just a waste to get that far just to fall short by your own doing…

  6. @Impulsensx That match made me sick to my core. Venus was in COMPLETE control, serving excellent and not making many unforced errors. But like Venus these days, those good stretches don’t last and almost on cue come the unforced errors. Its sad because I feel that might have been her last real shot at winning a major title. I’m almost positive had she won that match, she woud’ve beaten Vera in the finals.

  7. @hiu1787 Exactly, like at the US Open Semi this year; in the 1st set Venus was in top gear and Clijsters could do nothing about it, then here comes inconsistent Venus to give it away in the 2nd set.

  8. When Venus plays like this and her game is in full flow, the ONLY player capable of beating her is her sister Serena. Too bad she is so streaky and inconsistent.

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