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25 thoughts on “【HD】Lisicki vs Sharapova Highlights (Wimbledon 2012)

  1. If Lisicki could get it together, she’d have more fans than any player. Once you get to know her, you love her.

  2. Just because she loses to Azarenka on hardcourts doesn’t mean it isn’t her best surface. That’s probably the dumbest explanation ever lol!!

  3. You’re kidding right, just because she won the french last year doesn’t make clay her best surface it is still hard courts.

  4. You are still forgetting the fact that clay is also Sharapova’s worst surface. Clay is also not Kvitova’s worst surface…it’s actually outdoor hard courts. Still you can’t back up your claim saying Maria is overrated because saying she has easy draws isn’t good enough because if that was the case then Steffi Graf is overrated since she had easy competition after Seles was stabbed.

  5. lol you seem prone to selective reading. like i said before: she met kvitova on her WORST surface, kvitova is utter crap on clay so no she cant be considered a serious opponent for pova. i dont know how ivanovic is overrated, people barely pay attention to her. how can someone be overrated if no one actually cares whether she plays or not. ivanovic is irrelevant

  6. Oh wow, they had one difficult opponent..give me a break smh. If that’s the case then Sharapova had at least one difficult opponent as well in France ….Kvitova. You wanna talk overrated let’s talk Ivanovic….that’s someone who is overrated.

  7. im not denying them credit, im just saying people should make more of it than it actually is. unlike sharapova, serena and kvitova’s run wasnt a total bore because they faced at least 1 difficult opponent (in the final). its not kvitova nor sharapova’s fault they get easy draws but people should not act like it was a giant achievement when there wasnt much of a ‘struggle’

  8. So what? Kvitova won Wimbledon with an easy ass draw, Serena Williams won the US Open this year with an easy draw as well, just give the girl credit.

  9. Look it’s not Maria’s fault that she received easy draws, while the top players started losing early, she has no control over that. Bottom line is Sharapova is far from overrated: she has won 27 titles, she has won at least one title in every season from 2003-2012, achieved the career grand slam, and for someone who hits the ball as hard as she does, she is very consistent in her results all 2012 reaching mostly semifinals and finals. I’m not even a Maria fan and I know she isn’t overrated.

  10. Are you telling me that her Wimbledon run in 2011 wasnt a cakewalk either? Robson, Zakopolova, PEng, Cibulkova, Chakvetadze, and only lisicki and kvitova to give a little bit of resistance? Im not talking about pre 20008, but post 2008 imo she is overrated because some of the tournaments she won have really been a cakewalk. like serena’s draw this year at stanford lol

  11. Your talking about one tournament where Sharapova had an easy draw. Did you see what she did in 2004 at Wimbledon, 06 Us Open, and how she dominated the field in 2008 at Australia. Sharapova isn’t overrated at all, she can beat every woman on tour with the exception of Serena…come on now!!

  12. no, sharapova’s playstyle and the buzz aroundher is indeed overrated. she would not have won this year’s RG had it not been for her laughable draw. Cadantu/Morita/PEng/Zakopolova/Kanepi/Kvitova and Errani? Her toughest opponent was kvitova and that was on kvitova’s worst surface. Errani pretty much buckled under the pressure of making it to her 1 GS final and she’s weak against hard hitters.It was a cakewalk, so people should stop making more of it than it actually was.

  13. How can someone who has won all four slams and one or more titles each season from 2003-2012 overrated?? In the talent/game department, Sharapova is far from overrated. Now she is overrated in the sense that the media makes such huge hype about her like she is the greatest thing to ever happen to tennis, and like she is such a supermodel…blah blah blah lol!!!

  14. If only Bine could play like this all the time. Great win. I love Bine so much :))

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