Tsonga vs Andy Murray Wimbledon 2012 HD

forty Enjoy Tennis Video Score: 5 / 5

7 Responses to “Tsonga vs Andy Murray Wimbledon 2012 HD”

  1. I loved this match!!!!!!!

  2. )))

  3. Haha i have got to be honest, Sony Vegas even confuses me lol so i guess were both dummies 😛 Anyways, keep up the good work buddy:)


  4. thanks) it is Camtasia studio,for stupids like me 😀
    i have to change software and begin using sonyvegas)

  5. Great highlights mate…what software do you use to edit?


  6. i like tsonga personally, wanted tsonga to win this match :(:(

  7. i’m a little surprised at how easily murray won this…
    i mean, i always thought murray was the better player
    but tsonga was terrible in this match, murray wasnt even playing that great