Sandra Bullock on Andy Murray’s Wimbledon semi-final

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25 Responses to “Sandra Bullock on Andy Murray’s Wimbledon semi-final”

  1. she’s such an awesome ladie!!

  2. @Jems17 its like watching a slower version of real tennis

  3. @cjedlinski848 Yeah, because the stands are empty when the women take to the court.

  4. @SVALIAS no one cares about womens tennis sorry

  5. Fascinating (sarcasm

  6. great insight

  7. How embarressing…..asking Sandra Bullock about tennis when she clearly hasnt a clue…….

  8. @kath410s I did. I came back sfter having major surgery and won the US open, The French Open and the Australian open. I lost out in the final at Wimbledon due to my injury reappearing. Yes it was a very difficult year for me, but I am proof that you can make a come back after major surgery. (except on a lawn surface)

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  10. she root whoever.hehe..goddamn..

  11. i like sandra. she is the nicest american actress:)

  12. @waapaack i know, wouldve been awesome if he did.

  13. Ok now that’s just perfect ! You take Sandra Bullock who i deeply adore and make her talk about Tennis ?! HEAVEN ! WTA>>>ATP indeed !

  14. BAHAHA

  15. Sharapova isn’t a “one hit wonder”…she has also won the Australian Open and the US Open…it’s difficult to come back as the same player after major surgery! Try it!

  16. She is an annoying cunt.

  17. ” tiny little bodies ” has sandra seen serena williams

  18. too bad murray didn’t win.

  19. cuz shes injured duh

  20. She’s half American half German. She lived in both countries growing up.

  21. But she’s american isn’t she?

  22. she s a great actress! im glad that she s back on the screen 🙂

  23. Sharapova seems to be a one-hit wonder in terms of her Wimbledon performances

    Don’t get me wrong, she is an excellent player, but just not as good as the media makes her out to be. Those who compare her to Ana Kornikova are wrong, Kornikova was bullshit, Maria does actually play great tennis, unfortunately not as great as the Williams or Meresmo, or even Azarenka etc. A shame really

  24. sharapova used to be, rubbish this year though

  25. Whether Sandra even knows what Tennis is, or how it is played, doesn’t mean a thing to me.

    The lady rocks! Her interviews are hilarious, hr movies are great (lets forget Speed 2 shall we) and her overall demeanor is just fantastic.

    And she is right about one thing, the ladies tennis is where it’s at. The Williams, Jancovic, Ivanovic, Meresemo and therest of the gals just mesmerise you when they are on court.

    Game set and match