Rafael Nadal vs Andy Murray Last Points 2011 Mens Wimbledon Semi Final

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25 Responses to “Rafael Nadal vs Andy Murray Last Points 2011 Mens Wimbledon Semi Final”

  1. rafa Kathleen ntuli again. Jump out that tv box and kiss me. Call me on 0027-728713437. ill wait by the phone. Oeeeh im so excited 🙂

  2. Rafa your are my dream man.I kathleen Ntuli from 38 Televera Estate, Craigavon, Johannesburg , South Africa want to marry you tonight. Together we can make beautiful coloured babies. :). you love my big fat black celulite ASS bitch cc

  3. @LondonBornNRaised oh thanks god , finally we found an intelligent brit in this universe .

  4. I’m British n’ I know for a FACT that Murry is never going to win. Never. ? cause he is SHIT…

  5. I love when he lose ” I can feel his pain and thats makers me so happy. Muhahahahhaah.

    Character-less ugly guy like Del Potro said

  6. “Come on” , come on and ones again come on !”
    Just a bad talentless provocative pusher , thats all.

    Murray, stay home

  7. And ther excuses, so sweet !! Muahahhahahahahaha

  8. Murray is just a pusher, waiting and waiting for oppentnts error.
    Just bad, talentless guy a joke.
    I think if he play vs Wozniacki he lose, same style but Wozniacki waiting longer, muhahahahha

    15% behing NADAL, muahahahhahaha.

    Look at the statiastic Murray, 11:4

    I think 60% are more realistic.

    15% behind Mardy fish, yes this is true, lol

    You “COME ON” on every second point didnt help you , muhahhaahha

    I love the last point, watched this 50x times..

  9. @Dracilla112 no..Murray did get worse…he made more unforced errors and his serve percentage dropped….if Murray could only keep a high quality first service then he could beat anyone..but thats the problem…Murray needs to work on maintaining that level we saw in the first set for a possible 5 sets.

  10. @ALDERMANOFFOUNTALL yeah he looks at their potential whcih they obviously all have cos they’ve gotten this far instead of putting them down

  11. @CardCollections Yes, i heard him 2 years back at wimbledon and he’s interesting and has good and positive things to say about player’s, not like castle.

  12. @ALDERMANOFFOUNTALL jimmy connors is great, does an awesome job at the australian open

  13. Murray’s still got time, but i wanted to comment on that imbecile Andrew Castle’s inane and boring commentating in the semi’s. What a stupid man he is to criticise murray the way he does. Murray’s a three time wimbledon semi-finalist, the furthest castle ever got was the 2nd round, even Boris Becker spoke more sense than him. Get him off the BBC and get someone like Jimmy Conners in next year.

  14. @SuperArsenewenger 🙂 yeah you are probably right. The UK public expect success for some reason and then give our stars pelters when they fail. Although that doesnt extend to the Scottish Football Team! We party win, lose or draw. Although its usually lose! We are used to it.

  15. @ProfRogers lol good lad shame he didn’t win. Expectations on British sportsmen are far too high. We are just an island at the end of the day. Unlike usa russia australia. Hope there’s a rematch in the boxing at the 02 next year, and no broken toes this time lol

  16. Please Andy do not speak just play(no excuses, just concentrate with every shots and you will have your day) ;otherwise you are bound to become another chicken-man. our support is always with you .With lots of wishes

  17. 75 years…and still counting…lol

  18. @morningglory1990 he should have said potato…

  19. @d4mjan lool if your going to take the piss, atleast do it right …

  20. shit scottish tennis player.

  21. a new tennis sensation has arrived novak djokovic be careful rafa & roger in future

  22. Andy did well by winning the first set, but played into Nadals hands, by losing momentum after that. He should’ve made sure he treated each of the next two sets, the same way that he treated the first.

  23. Rafa represents everything that is good about tennis and sport in general, humble in victory gracious in defeat, its a plesure to watch him play, a great champion and a brilliant role model to everybody!

  24. andy murray is the biggest fail in history why is this guy even famous i dont know he is shit

  25. @Churruminonian

    well guess what, they didnt: FAIL