Outnumbered with Wimbledon’s Andy Murray

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19 Responses to “Outnumbered with Wimbledon’s Andy Murray”

  1. You know women tennis players….I’ve heard they’re men

  2. What happened to the dad’s camera?

  3. ‘all tennis players are men, just like that lady gaga’ LMAO

  4. karen has grown soooooo much since the last series!!! I LOVE OUTNUMBERED! cant believe i missed this friday!

  5. ‘Are you Scottish or British?’
    ‘Depends whether I win or not.’

  6. Are you british or scottish? Depends whether i win or not. Brilliant. XD

  7. Hilarious man..

  8. aww karen is just sooo cute!!!

  9. So funny! 😀

  10. Outnumbered in amazing.

  11. You should put this on iTunes. 🙂

  12. It depends whether I win or not. Lmao!

  13. Karen is the cutest funniest little girl ever! haha

  14. LOL

  15. i have the same hat as karen! hahah.

  16. “Are you British or Scottish?”
    “Depends whether I win it or not”


  17. Thats funny!

  18. Hilarious!!!

  19. Awkward turtle….