Murray vs. Tsonga- Wimbledon 2012 Semifinal (HD)

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22 Responses to “Murray vs. Tsonga- Wimbledon 2012 Semifinal (HD)”

  1. I actually think tsonga getting his bollocks smashed was why he lost the 4th set 😛

  2. Oh Tsonga…it’ll always be my greatest wish in tennis to see Andy Murray lift the Wimbledon champion’s trophy, but seeing Tsonga secure the French would be indescribable. Wonderful tennis player, captivating character.

  3. 9:15 HIS BALLS!

  4. what was their conversation at the end?

  5. dem one handed backhands <3

  6. I like how McEnroe calls Tsonga the big man when Murray is taller than him.

  7. i feel like if Tsonga tries his best right from the beginning, he would be like almost invincible… on the first two sets he kind of looked energy-less, but he dominated the third set when he found his energy. Anyway, I love Tsonga!

  8. Great match


  10. relax everyone does it once in a while! nothing too bad about that!

  11. If Tsonga had the consistency of murray or djokovic he’d be better than them no doubt

  12. murrays gf is gorgeous :O

  13. 8:37 I’ve never seen that well of a half volley

  14. 8:57 am i the only one who saw the one hander?

  15. What an asshole at 9.11. I don’t think anybody else would do this, only to win a point. Seems like Lendl has taught him how to win points at the net.

  16. He was right to celebrate like that, he was the first brittish male to reach the final of wimbledon since before world war 2! It was a momumental achievement.

  17. In real life he’s not. I saw him get beaten up by Martin Klizan at the USO this year, and Tsonga played so poorly with so many unforced errors. Sad really, but very entertaining.

  18. Well he had just booked himself a spot in the final. The final.

  19. Tsonga is such a chill guy. Muzza acted like he just won a grand slam.

  20. I remember watching this live. The BBC News switched over to watch match point.

    ‘What a way to do it.’

  21. Man, Tsonga is so fun to watch!

  22. I love it when two great players compete like that.