Murray vs Nadal Wimbledon 2011 Preview

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14 Responses to “Murray vs Nadal Wimbledon 2011 Preview”

  1. @benmboard thanks, heres a dime bar.

  2. Murray is a Pusher, no talent like Wozniacki !

  3. @SuperLightHorse great prediction

  4. wimbledon open 2011 final live streaming at


  5. go rafa you are the best

  6. last time a British man won a Grand Slam they were playing in long trousers. (Fred Perry US Open 1936)

  7. i believe in rafa. 

  8. @SuperLightHorse you’re the man! who will win the final?

  9. Bye bye Murray!

  10. maybe this time he will win on grass against nadal

    he is the best british player since Fred Perry

  11. Here’s my prediction….

    Murray will lose 3-1

    From George the telekinetic armadildo.

  12. Are they in the same court?

  13. easy for murray

  14. VAMOS RAFA!!! 😀