Murray, Sharapova and Djokovic on the Wimbledon practice courts

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22 Responses to “Murray, Sharapova and Djokovic on the Wimbledon practice courts”

  1. 1. Tennis is my life. I don’t ‘hate’ any tennis players, in my eyes they are all talented and amazing.
    2. I am dreaming of becoming a professional and I practice day in and day out but after a long hard day of practice I come home and make tennis videos
    3. I make highlights of all Tennis Players, mainly featuring top seeds.
    4. I have made two videos so far one being on the amazing points of Roger Federer
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  2. i both like them dude i just want somebody to reply back to me … hahah peace its been a while since peez rep to me so yeah

  3. yeah, the way djokovic won wimbledon yesterday was totally awesome


  5. very eager for womboldon.activated  espn for that today!!!!!!!

  6. probably a head commercial or somethin’

  7. Murray should win

  8. So Celebs are being invited into the royal box instead of minor royals/Dips etc? Pippa who?

  9. Really? Grunting in practice, when you are just hitting lightly?  Really?

  10. lol i thought the same thing

  11. Maria *_*

  12. is that sun??? unheard of!

  13. Djokovic is going to win this year, I can feel it.

  14. Thanks for the tip, we’ll try it out!

  15. Keep your eyes peeled for a Roger Federer practice video today 🙂

  16. Quick tip: I don’t know if the white box around the Wimbledon logo is done deliberately. But if you export the logo as a .PNG file you should be able to overlay it on top of the video without having that white box outline! Otherwise can’t wait for Wimbledon !!

  17. Probably he deserves it.. who knows..

  18. TBerd<3

  19. Sharapova is beautiful, I’m crazy for her

  20. maria sharapova is hot

  21. Three future finalist this year 🙂

  22. Look at Ivan’s T-shirt)))