Maria Sharapova – Wimbledon Grunt Force One

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  1. Dad runs in and Shouts:


    Son: I’m not , I am watching Sharapova Playing Tennis. .. .!! : D 😛

  2. @blues4life17 blah blah blah..idiot…give me the link, then….of course, i’d have gone and watched it if that was there…GEEZ to you back

  3. @rebelsouljaz I like her grunting and screaming. That is probably how she would be if she came hard. There would be a flood.

  4. @kelvinpyaeko then go and watch that then… jeez

  5. They should be punished for it, just trying to put their opponent off.

  6. Damn Ms Sharapova’s grunts are kinda hot actually.. imagine wearing that ass out from the back while pulling her lil pony tail, how loud she could get?! and those legs! [;

  7. @rebelsouljaz should she be orally raped then? what a great solution!!! (irony)

  8. @kelvinpyaeko Just for you 😀 Maria Sharapova In Slow Motion at Wimbledon 2011

  9. someone plz tie a ball gag around her mouth or shove a cock in her mouth to shut her up

  10. Hilarious. Thank you.

  11. instead of this pointless mocking video, why wouldn’t you have made a highlight? that’d b much fun to watch, tbh

  12. Maybe they could make them wear a bark collar like my dog, seems to work for him and it would make watching this stuff a lot more funnier.

  13. terrible, no need for it!