Maria Sharapova warming up for Wimbledon

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18 Responses to “Maria Sharapova warming up for Wimbledon”

  1. @RuledByMetalMusic uh… That’s Sharapova actually.. and she is 9001 times sexier than Kournikova and can actually play tennis.

  2. so she doesn’t scream while training huh?

  3. so she doesn’t screams while training huh?

  4. this is not the grass court

  5. Kournikova FTW !

  6. @haodailam94 agree. so people thinking that Maria is dumb because she is practicin in hardcourt for Wimbledon is actually the crazy person!

  7. Love You Masha :*
    Beat All Of Them 😀

  8. hahaha normally on tv she doesn’t seem as tall, but this angle right here, she looks abnormally tall 😛

  9. I fucking love Maria <3

  10. @TheHenMen Clay court and grass court as you know are two completely different type of surface but hardcourts are the basics…every year when players are transitioning from clay to grass they have to get back from the slow ball clay surface and practice on hardcourts to get their rhythms back then adapt to a “new” surface which is grass…so maria is doing the right thing she’s not dumb 🙂

  11. this is awesome, can you put more practice sessions up? thanks!

  12. She’s gonna WINbledon this year. 😉

  13. @TheHenMen lmao xD

  14. @TheHenMen LOL

  15. @sandmanusus I think that’s Pover’s fiance

  16. IS it Francesca Schiavone sits there too?

  17. Warming up on the hardcourts for Wimbledon… genius. 😀

  18. Nice rump.