Maria Sharapova – Interview After Wimbledon 2011 Final

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  1. So?

  2. @redplague: Fair comment.

  3. @ipolson Yes but if she isn’t worthy who would you put in her place right now as no 1?

  4. @redplague : But surely, it depends who you play in those tournaments outside the slams ? The point about Wozniaki is , where it really matters, in the Slams against the Top players, its a fact that she has failed. We will have to agree to disagree about Wozniaki. I am in the camp that does not think she is a worthy No.1. Until she starts playing to win a match, instead of playing not to lose a match, she wont win a slam. I think she is trying to do that now,

  5. @ipolson Well not really as once you play past the 16 the amount of points get really small compared to the big ones, if you look at her record this year in the big tournaments outside the slams it’s better than the other top 5 players anyway, but yes I agree it’s unfortunate that the real top 2 players (Serena, Kim) are basically part time players but in terms of the other full time players Wozniaki deserves to be number one.

  6. @redplague: Agreed and , therefore logically if you play 30 tournaments a year, when the other Top 5 play 15,
    law of averages dictates you are going to get more best finishes. Dont get me wrong, I think some of the other top players should play more, so all the Top 5 players play each other more regularily , then more rivalries will develop, as used to happen.

  7. @ipolson Ranking is based on best 16 results so it isn’t entirely based on who plays the most amount of tournaments.

  8. @619badazz13: Poland ???? You must be American to be that thick !

  9. @ipolson go back to poland you dumb foreigner

  10. @619badazz13: Irrelevent. She’s No 3 in the world, so you eat dick ! And when she’s back to No.1, come back on here and apologise for being so dumb.

  11. @619badazz13: You are talking crap, she’s back up to Number 3 in the World, and can go provisionally 2 after the US Open, depending on how she does. The only reason Wozniaki has so many points is because she plays 4 times more tournaments than everyone else. But look at her record against Top 5 ?

  12. @fastfoodclowns maria is washed up , she got to spoiled here in america . that was her down fall

  13. you know shes a foreigner

  14. Kvitova’s strokes are better, they are flat-er, more instinctual, hit in a smashlike fashion, that’s why they are riskier. They rob the opponents of time.

    Kvitova strokes are actually similar to Sharapova’s

    While Lisicki’s strokes are topspin, very safe, high percentage — but predictable and high bounce also, giving time for an opponent to set up and to launch an offensive shot. Any high-bouncing or floating shot is always vulnerable to attack. Common sense to all who can play tennis

  15. dmd

  16. @kelvinpyaeko he is a clown after all….

  17. Go Petra !!!!!

  18. Reporter # 9 “Your opponent today, Ms. Kvitova, has a much better game than you. Your career is basically over. What are your plans once you retire….?”

  19. @fastfoodclowns what a fucking troll

  20. Reporter # 8 ” Your opponent, Ms. Kvitova, doesn’t scream at all when she played you and she defeated you. So is the screaming just something you do to turn on your boyfriend watching in the seats?”

  21. Reporter #7: “Excuse me, Maria, will you be changing anything about your screaming technique in upcoming matches? Louder? LOL”

  22. @fastfoodclowns i’d answer for her: you whingers can shut up and ignore her matches if you don’t like it..Next>>>

  23. Reporter #5: “Excuse me, Maria, will you be changing anything about your screaming technique in upcoming matches?”

  24. I love how u r so modest masha.
    u will always b ta best 2 me, no matter wat.
    i wish u had won wimbledon……..
    go win the us open!!

  25. seems like she had cried.. 🙁 but good luck for the US Open