Andy Murray Trick Shot Vs Ivan Ljubicic at Wimbledon 2011

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25 Responses to “Andy Murray Trick Shot Vs Ivan Ljubicic at Wimbledon 2011”

  1. You ain’t Roger Federer son

  2. stupid britains

  3. @atalayapark federer himself has been pulling off quite a few famous tweener´s as well:)

  4. @extradutyfelt1 haha yeah I know, actually I did it on court today at training. Should have seen the look on my friends face! hehe 🙂

  5. @atalayapark he just improvised, it takes skill and talent to pull shot like that off..federer did a similar one on henman at the us open´s not a disrespectfull thing to do.

  6. The kid at 0:14 looks really like Haley Joel Osment!

  7. He’s got a fucking nerve to do that. Watched the whole match and 2 times is taking the piss. Anyway, Nadal showed him where to go

  8. @dellcamwall So the master of trick shots Mansour Bahrami isn’t allowed to do trick shots either because he hasn’t got ‘a few slams’?

  9. Looks like a replay from his shot against Tsonga but they magically replaced Tsonga for Ljubicic.

  10. @Jstar3301 Again! hahha poor Murray.

  11. the commentators and presenter on bbc keep going on about the ‘fab four’, murray is good but not great as the top three – he’s never won a slam. once he wins 3 or 4 then we can see, only then. whenever that is, of course.

  12. Would be funny if he mis-judged and got hit in the balls, great shot though! 🙂

  13. I guess Murray didn’t have a set point here

  14. i hope his trickshot montage will be out soon!

  15. Faze Murray

  16. @floriboyo Nadal

  17. what a prick, he has no reason to do this, not slick enough in the slightest aswell to pull it off, maybe when he has a few slams but not yet……

  18. Who beat Murray at Wimbledon?

  19. I don’t think this guy will ever win a Grand Slam

  20. @ibanezatleti Are you just failing at sarcasm?

  21. @mattgcobrien tennislad

  22. 0:15 fucking gay kid

  23. lol

  24. Vernederend zeg! Ahahahaha..

  25. Ivan Ljubicic made 23 accounts to dislike this video