Andy Murray – Trick Shot Through Legs / Wimbledon 2011.

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25 Responses to “Andy Murray – Trick Shot Through Legs / Wimbledon 2011.”

  1. cheeky shot

  2. gay looking shot

  3. @roseschocolate1991 Newsflash, my friend – If you ain’t got a Grand Slam, you don’t mean shit in the tennis world.

  4. @gabe25591 so world no.4 for 4 consectutive years, 17 titles including 6 1000master titles isn’t any good? and don’t give me ” but he hasn’t won any grandslams”, yeah well not yet. i’d like to see you try. why don’t u come back when u’ve atleast been world no. 4 or higher for that many years and got more titles + master titles than him!

  5. i just don’t get it with u people. if Federer, Nadal, Djokovic etc do a shot like that it seems to be fine in ur opinion. but then suddenly just cause its Murray who does a shot like that you call him arrogant and unsportsman like. ur pathetic idiots. its pretty obvious who this video is about, its in the title duh! so if u have so much hate for him. Do us actual fans a favour and get lost. why waste ur time by pressing on a link of a person u “hate”.

  6. @gabe25591 You’ve got a good point there, and if he was a nicer guy off the court i might just care about his career a little, but i dont really.

  7. Maybe he should get good before showing off like a dick.

  8. @Mr18etplus and do you know of any better way to get your stupid “i can’t see the ball comment” visible

  9. Mustn’t… make… Dunblane joke… Andy… Murray… diving out of the way… Gah! What’ve I done!

  10. @Monifiethcaveman Actually, Federer had a similar shot back in 2009.

  11. Very arrogant. You don’t see the likes of Nadal, Federer and Djokovic (all Grand Slam winners) doing this because a) they have class and b) they respect their fellow professionals.

  12. @BADlizzard007 fuck you you english fucker


  14. Good player or not, that was just straight up douchbaggery and bad sportsmanship

  15. which pixels are his balls?

  16. @mindboss1 when its a bad quality video it has a low number of pixels so the ball apears to just be a square floating across the screen

  17. @coolman9999uk you sound like an 11 year old with that comeback.
    You directly stole it from LukeSimms, just put it in a different order, how original of you.
    Which ball is the pixel?

    LukeSimms 22 hours ago

  18. @Pwna5aurusR3x I dont even get the joke, fill me in?

  19. @HsWarriors

  20. @NanouoMusic no, why can’t YOU make an original comment???

  21. I think xAdaaaaaaaam has a man crush

  22. @xAdaaaaaaaM What makes you think your god gives a fuck about tennis? Borderline insanity.

  23. @Pwna5aurusR3x I’m pretty sure he was being facetious

  24. @silentsniper125 Which pixel is the ball?

  25. Andy Murray is the biggest faggot of a sportstar I know. Lives up his Mum’s arse. Mama’s boy. I hope to God he doesn’t win Wimbledon, but then again I dont think he’ll even reach the final at that. Way too overhyped by the British press every year, fail to live up to expectations every year.