Andy Murray Teased On Mock The Week After Wimbledon 2012

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25 Responses to “Andy Murray Teased On Mock The Week After Wimbledon 2012”

  1. Milton Jones. Only two jokes (and two lines of speech) throughout the whole
    video… still the best comedian there. :)

  2. Well Andy – Olympic gold and silver / us open champion / Wimbledon
    Champion…..all the nay sayers have stopped…. 

  3. See the people slagging Andy off . gtf he is the best tennis player in the
    world . ok he could do better than you if he was blind , and you had to hit
    the bloody ball so calm down . cmon Murray Scotland all the way !!!!! I’m

  4. #mocktheweek #bbc #andymurray #murray #wimbledon #youtube
    #humor #tennis 

  5. dinna worry andy its done now put to bed well done

  6. Andy Parsons is about as funny as herpes. Most people just laugh at him out
    of pity and embarrassment.

  7. He just did! 🙂

  8. See! Andy smiles! And I think he’s actually fairly handsome when he does.
    Also, when his hair isn’t resembling Art Garfunkel….

  9. How about I’m British…

  10. People annoy me…Whenever Murray wins something, he’s British or “He did
    it for Britain” but whenever he loses or does something wrong he’s

  11. thats an odd way to define nationality

  12. nadal is fake gamesmanship cheat actor. too annoying. excuse. bump to
    player. ugly protest. ego two-year-ranking. looks down on Sampras era, etc.
    selfish classless asshole

  13. that’s got nothing to do with natural ability dude. i think you would
    probably agree that murray is way more talented than del potro yet he’s won
    the us open already.

  14. this is fucken hilarious

  15. This isn’t that funny

  16. Milton Jones. Brilliant man.

  17. Scottish = British = European. Not really that hard to understand.

  18. I love watching this even more now that he’s won! 😀

  19. vs Nadal ??? MUHAHAHAHAH vs Djokovic ? Muhahahahaha vs Nadal 28; 2 or
    something like that, muhahahaha

  20. He won the grand slam for himself not Britain also he’s Scottish. Not

  21. He is Scottish. If you are on holiday & someone asks you your nationality
    you do not say ‘I am Great British’ you say either ‘Im Scottish’ or ‘Im

  22. Frankie would’ve been relentless on Murray if he was still on mock the week

  23. Then a few months later, he wins the first Grand Slam for Britain! Bring up
    the joke now ha ha!

  24. I’m Welsh.

  25. Ha I remember when this show used to rip on andy murray lol