Andy Murray slow motion smile at Wimbledon

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19 Responses to “Andy Murray slow motion smile at Wimbledon”

  1. i love andy murray <33

  2. What are you talking about. Andy’s hot.

  3. Why the fuck would anyone upload this or want to watch it ????? And I thought I was a Geek.

  4. Adorable xx

  5. I never get it when people say Murray’s ugly. I think he’s well above average looking

  6.  you are a nob leave my son alone

  7. im pretty sure your more ugly than him….you know what they about insecure morons and moronic judgmental comments.

  8. sassy andy

  9. what a horrible ugly haggis chomping tip touching loser

  10. OMG he smiled

  11. @roseschocolate1991 You say that, but I hardly ever see Rafa smile on court. Or Federer. Or Roddick, etc…

  12. like murray. funny guy off court. but he should smile more on court

  13. lol creepy

  14. so handsommmmmmme

  15. Love you Andy 🙂

  16. andy, your awesome. sori to see u lose against rafa today.

  17. oh please , and let me guess , your English @chandlerbingbong

  18. A.B.M. ….. anyone but murray

  19. 😀