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22 thoughts on “Andy Murray: US Open 2013 Feature — After Wimbledon Win

  1. 2013 US Open Tennis Championships Update: Having already broken ground with
    his past accomplishments the past one and a half years, Andy Murray will
    try to achieve another first in his career, and that is of defending his
    first Grand Slam. Watch this short feature by ESPN as the British champion
    recalls the emotion of winning the Wimbledon and shares how it feels to
    play in Flushing Meadows.

    Get in the Game!

  2. Simple as that….cause Andy in comparison to the great Federer, Nadal and
    Djokovic had to deal with them over and over again in the later stages of
    big tournaments…his stubborness paid off!! his desire to keep
    improving..that makes him a champion as well as Roger..Rafa..Nole already

  3. Oh yeah !! Murray is on the way home after his temper tantrums His mummy
    will spank him for losing. LOL

  4. He beat them many times but they all lead head to head against murray and
    they all have more grand slams than murray that s why. And murray is the
    only one of those four who was not number one .

  5. It’s simple really, there’s more pressure on Andy and more history to go
    along so there’s a better story to have a feature. THAT and he’s the
    defending champion here…

  6. What garbage Murray has beaten them all many times .Also Federer is
    finished as a top player.Also Murray battered djokovic at wimbledon and the
    Olympics and is the number one going by many experts.

  7. Federer is shit now. Move on. Nadal hasn’t won a slam not on clay for a
    while now. And Novak has lost to Murray 2/3 last finals. Murray is at least
    as good a champion as them.

  8. every grand slam murray has a feature on espn which makes me thinking why
    espn favors him over federer,nadal and djokovic when this 3 are still much
    bigger champions than murray.

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