2013 Day 11 Highlights: Andy Murray v Jerzy Janowicz

40 Adore Tennis Video clip Score: 4 / five

22 Responses to “2013 Day 11 Highlights: Andy Murray v Jerzy Janowicz”

  1. 2:40 nothing like nadals

  2. Undeserved Wimbledon from Murray. Especially vs Verdasco, Janowicz and
    Djokovic. Not a multiple GS champion and everyone says he is the best
    player in the world still. Pathetic.

  3. jj is the best

  4. 1:26 wtf

  5. congrats Murray…we expect another Wimbledon classic on Sunday!!

  6. I don`t like Janowicz`s attitude

  7. Great match

  8. because the editors for this channel are shit

  9. the best

  10. janowicz’s on court behavior are a little annoying to say the least at
    times but he’s still new as far as competing on the big stages are
    concerned, so i guess a little fire now is a good thing hopefully he can
    cut out some of his outbursts and complaints once he’s gets used to it

  11. bueno

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  13. What a match. Janowicz will be a future champ in years to come.

  14. Janowicz is a great player.

  15. Congratulations Andy Murray. Well played.

  16. There are people on YT with tennis channels who put great highlights
    packages together of tennis matches, but Wimbledon aggressively stops them
    from posting Wimbledon content. Their YT strategy is so completely stupid.
    We don’t want to watch your choppy live streaming (we have TVs), we come
    here to see highlights of the matches. 3 minutes of badly selected points
    does not cut it! If you can’t do it yourself, let the fans do it for God’s

  17. why u didnt show the best action from the match in this hightlights?

  18. Janowicz is now called “The most disliked player in the locker room”. Don’t
    expect Jerzy to be modest. He never will be. I love his personality. He is
    here to do his job and he does not care what other people think of him. He
    is not scared at all playing against the best guys.

  19. Murray returned Janowicz’s 140mph bombs nicely.

  20. I’m huge Nadal fan, for me, Janowicz will cause trouble to big 4 in the
    future, believe me, he has talent to win GSlam, he need to put extra focus
    at important point (moment), future star,

  21. janovicze

  22. Murray is the biggest bitch on the men’s tour.