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14 thoughts on “YouTube – Andy Murray vs Richard Gasquet Wimbledon.flv

  1. Same goes for you then, so you also have no right to post about tennis stars !
    Gasquet will fade into obscurity in a tennis sense because he will never make that final hurdle and make a serious impact on a grand slam, end of story. Also youre writing under videos in youtube also, so by your logic you are aso going to fade into obscurity. Should of re-read that self righteous comment.

  2. @frederickos1
    If you knew anything about Murray you would know that he is a down to earth guy, one who always respects his opponents. Give me an example of Murray being arrogant. Ironically the 2 comments you have posted are 2 incorrect comments. You should read up a little on a topic before talking out your arse. You are the arrogant one.

  3. The drop shot at 3:30 is a great example of how the difference between success and failiure in sport can be mere centimetres.

  4. @idontknow43 you’re right i’m sorry. if murray was really English he wouldn’t be such an arrogant twat.

  5. @idontknow43 Let’s just simplify it to “greatest hope of Britain” then everyone’s happy!

  6. @maxibhoy When you reach the top 10 then you will have the right to post comments about tennis stars. You are destined to ‘fade into obscurity’ because you’re just some guy who writes under videos in youtube. Talking about significance…

  7. @fifogeq Oh that is hilarious ! Gasqyet has done nothing of significance in his career, like all the other French “talent” he is destined to fade into obscurity.

  8. There aren’t too many dark horse candidates for the men, but Richard Gasquet has the game to win it all. His one-handed backhand is one of the best in tennis, and his play recently has shown why he was such a touted prospect. He did make it to the Wimbledon semifinals in 2007, losing to Roger Federer.

  9. richard gasquet>> murray. the mentality of gasquet is the problem that holds him down

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