Eugenie Bouchard, the 2014 Wimbledon finalist, has said that Maria Sharapovashould not be allowed to play the game of tennis again, labelling the multiple Grand Slam winner a “cheat.”

Sharapova is said not to be an intentional doper, reducing her two year ban from tennis to 15 months which she has since served.

Top tennis stars have spoken against the return of the French Open champ but she has returned and returned big! Sharapova defeated Roberta Vinci and Ekaterina Makarovaat the Stuttgart Open after 15 months out.

“She’s a cheater and I don’t think a cheater in any sport should be allowed to play again. I think from the WTA it sends the wrong message to young kids: cheat and we’ll welcome you back with open arms. I don’t think that’s right and she’s not someone I can say I look up to anymore,” Bouchard said. (more…)


Rafael Nadal’s father and coach Carlos Moya has said that the Spaniard has three to five years left on the ATP Tour, according to reports.

The Spain international has seen a gradual comeback to the elite of the sport since Moya joined his team.

Nadal reached the last eight in Brisbane – losing to Milos Raonic in three sets. Nadal surprisingly reached the final of the Australian Open in January before losing to rival Roger Federer. This week he reached the final in Acapulco. He achieved all this with the help of Moya.

In an interview about what next to expect from the multiple time Grand Slam winner, Moya said:

“It will be almost impossible to equal the results he had in the past, but on the other side I am next to a player who won many Grand Slam titles and who was World No 1. It makes your job easier. A good coach always needs a good player to do well, and from this point of view with Rafa, it’s easier.” (more…)


Former world No.1, Roger Federer has debunked talks that he would have won more Grand Slam titles if Rafa Nadal and Novak Djokovic were not present.


The tennis superstar has released a statement describing such claims as untrue.

The 35-year old player, who has 17 Grand Slam titles to his name, has iterated that the number of Grand Slams he won would be unchanged irrespective of Nada or Djokovic’s presence.

“I think if they (Nadal and Djokovic) hadn’t been around, there would have been someone else. Or maybe without them I wouldn’t have had the same motivation and the same career. I don’t know how to explain it, but I think I would have the same number of Slams, with or without them,” Federer said.

Last week, Todd Woodbridge had openly expressed his thought that, Federer would have won 20 Grand Slams if Nadal was not around. In an interview with Tennis Smash, he said:

“Of all the players I have seen, Federer is the best of all time, who can play on all surfaces. If it wouldn’t be for Rafael Nadal, he would have won more Roland Garros, and now maybe he would have 20 Slam titles.” (more…)

Andy Roddick not sure whom to Choose between Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer

Andy Roddick believes it’s only when the careers of both Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer end, it can be said who is better of the two.

According to Roddick, can someone weigh a certain film against another film if he has not watched both the films entirely and has watched only the initial couple of hours of the films? No, he can’t do that because he is unknown to climax of the films having not seen the end.

It is the same with the players. When they are still going and you have no idea how many more titles they can win, you are not in a position to make the comparisons between them.

Obviously, at present, Djokovic is sharper and is winning more matches, but, he has to have at least three more fruitful seasons in terms of winning the slams to beat Federer.

The Serbian will be 30 next season and 30 is an age after which you never know when a player starts slipping from the top. Many greats, once they have been to 30, they have had their career graph follow a downward curve. (more…)

Venus Williams secured title no. three of 2015 for her

Venus Williams secured title no. three of 2015 for her as she got better of the Czech player Karolina Pliskova the other day in Zhuhai to clinch Elite Trophy.

Venus was given the top seed and she did full justice to it by being very consistent during the course of the tournament, winning all her games fairly easily and almost cruising to the title.

That marked the comeback of Venus in top ten. She had been out of it for the last few years, the reason being her form and fitness, but, a decent season, this one, has helped her make a high jump in the rankings.

Speaking in the trophy giving ceremony, Venus said, “I have spent almost two months in Asia and it has really felt good. The people have been so welcoming. All the places I have gone, I have received great reception and I want to thank everyone for that.”

“As far as the games are concerned, there has been houseful attendance. The contribution of the fans in making this tournament a success is enormous. They have come and cheered for the players in big numbers. I can’t remember the seats being empty in any of the games.”

“I have personally enjoyed a lot playing here and I would love to come back in future.” (more…)

Michael Chang does not believe Kei Nishikori would be under any sort of pressure

Michael Chang does not believe Kei Nishikori would be under any sort of pressure tomorrow when he faces Jo-Wilfried Tsonga.

If Nishikori beats Tsonga and makes it to the quarters, he would rewrite history.

No player from Japan has been able to go further than the Round of 16 in the French Open in the last 8 decades.

The last time when it had happened was in 1933.

Nishikori is actually the favourite against Tsonga despite him being lesser experienced than the Frenchman.

There are expectations with him and thus, he is believed to be going to face a little bit of heat during the contest.

But, Chang has a different opinion. He looked to play down this expectation thing.

According to Chang, Nishikori’s performance in the French Open this year has been way better. Making the pre quarters is a decent achievement already and he does not have anything to lose from here.

Speaking to the press yesterday, Chang said, “There is zero pressure on Kei. In 2014, he really had a bad tournament, but, he has had quite an impressive journey this time around.”

“We must not forget that he is not defending his title here and he wasn’t amongst the hot favourites either at the start of the tournament.” (more…)